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This site is being built as part of the Thirty Day challenge, a completely free, step-by-step guide to starting an online business and making your first dollar online.  Ed Dale and his team take a common sense approach, explaining the process thoroughly one step at at time without jargon.   So its suitable for the technically challenged or those with only a passing familiarity with social media.   I can thoroughly recommend it.

As I said, the training course itself is completely free – the only expenditure is on a domain name and hosting.  I did use to host with justhost.com – but found them highly unsatisfactory and have recently switched to Host Gator – this is going well so far (touch wood).

They do also recommend some useful tools – principally Market Samurai – and throughout The Challenge you can get 40 day trials for all of these, so if it doesn’t work out you haven’t lost anything.

A key part of the challenge is creating articles on sites such as SquidooHubPages and Weebly to catch people’s attention and direct them to your main site.  And promoting your site in directories such as WordPress directory.

If you do get involved in the challenge as the result of my link, please consider getting your hosting and other accounts through my links below, as I get paid a commission for the ones marked with an asterisk.  This helps me pay for this website’s costs. Thank-you!

If you’re trying the The Challenge too, then let me know how it’s going!  I’d be very interesting in swapping advice.


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