Badminton Doubles Player: Fu Haifeng biography on Squidoo

Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun celebrating All England 2009 Men's Doubles win
photo from: zimbio

I’ve just written a lens on Squidoo: a biography about badminton player Fu Haifeng – who (along with his badminton doubles partner Cai Yun) is the world men’s doubles champion.

He also has the world’s fastest badminton smash – 332kph (206mph), so he’s a formidable player. (Note that faster smash speeds of over 400kph (250mph) have been recorded unofficially during speed tests used for promotional purposes).

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There are a few badminton doubles videos of Fu Haifeng & Cai Yun on this site. If you want to see full matches, then this site, badmintonfreak, has a list of recent badminton videos from the Chinese Masters, the World Badminton Championships, the Sudirman Cup and others. Well worth a look!

By the way, Squidoo itself is pretty cool – aSquidoo simple, free way of quickly putting a website together, without any technical knowledge, similar to blogger or If you wish to create a website for the first time, it’s well worth a look. Click here to sign up.

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  2. akarshan says:

    really fu is awesome

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