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Welcome to my website. This is the place to read all about badminton doubles – its shots, tactics, techniques and players, as well as see badminton doubles videos.

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This blog discusses many aspects of badminton doubles, including:

I will also keep you entertained and informed by passing on links to interesting articles and videos that I find on the internet.

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About Michael Hayes

I’m Michael Hayes, a badminton blogger. I’ve been playing badminton regularly since my early teens. I’m a member of Finsbury badminton club in central London, and usually play 2-3 times a week. I'm learning to blog and working hard developing If you want to learn new badminton doubles tactics and techniques, or find the places on the internet for badminton bargains, then have a look at my site.
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4 Responses to Badminton Play Better Badminton

  1. Alan Porter says:

    Have a question. A bit silly, but caused a lot of fuss during a recent match. Was served to wrong court and hit the opposing (non receiving)player before hitting the floor. Server claimed it was her point as it was not allowed to hit the floor out of bounds or not.. Went on to argue (politely of course) NOT, whether the player needed to avoid if she could or stand her ground get hit as long as she was in non service resiving court.

  2. arman says:


    I just read your article about shocking incidents during badminton tournament. Thanks for sharing that, I learned a lot from it.

    By the way, what do you think about my article on badminton rules (, and I would love to know what you might think of it.


  3. Alejandro Paul Ayala Ramos says:

    Soy mexicano y lamentablemente en mi pais no es muy conocido este deporte por lo consiguiente no hay bibliografia o lugares donde se pueda consultar sobre tecnicas,tacticas o programas de entrenamiento en este deporte me sereia de mucha utilidad sus comentarios para yo poderlos difundir con mis alumnos.yo radico en la ciudad de colima,mexico.

    • Hola Alejandro,

      Gracias por tu mensaje!

      Glad you’re finding the blog useful. BTW, a nice lady from Madrid translated my tactics article into Spanish, might be easier for your students:

      I forget how lucky I am that badminton is relatively popular in the UK – in London there are dozens of clubs, a few leagues and tournaments to play a variety of opponents.

      Keep persevering in Mexico – enthusiasts like you is what makes the sport grow! Maybe organise some badminton events and see if you can attract more people to the sport?

      Good luck!


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