Interesting and Informative Badminton Websites

There are some great badminton websites out there which are full of useful information, here are a few I particularly like:

  • Badminton Connect: Probably the best collection of badminton coaching videos online. Although some are sub-titled they well worth the effort – many are videso of badminton clinics intercut with shots from professional matches to illustrate particular techniques. Only discovered this site recently as it doesn’t appear to rank well on Google.
  • Badminton Central: The biggest and best badminton forum – a great place for both discussion and news.
  • Badminton Bible: Possibly the best online badminton resource in the world – top quality content, easy to navigate, with all the fundamentals, and beyond, explained clearly and in detail by Mike Hopley. Now has videos available to paid subscribers.
  • Paul Stewart’s Badminton Coach UK site: Paul is an experienced coach and his site contains techniques and tips you won’t find anywhere else. Also has detailed racket reviews and a forum.
  • Badminton Live: Requires paid membership, allows you to watch Badminton live on your PC. They also cover other major Badminton events.

If you’ve any opinions on my choices, or you know of any good badminton websites I should add, then please post a comment.

4 Responses to Interesting and Informative Badminton Websites

  1. Tayyab says:

    Double Category needs more agility then Singles.

  2. raju says:

    Yes those which you have mentioned are good for badminton news. But i know a website a which is also into same category and there we will get latest and updated badminton information. the website is ”

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