Improve your Badminton Doubles: Learn How to Hit a Badminton Smash

The badminton smash is vital to winning doubles games.  I’ve just published an article on HubPages about the proper technique for hitting a badminton smash.  It includes illustrations and a slow motion video of Fu Haifeng smashing to help you learn.

Please have a look….and why not post a comment as well, or respond to the poll?  Thanks!

About Michael Hayes

I’m Michael Hayes, a badminton blogger. I’ve been playing badminton regularly since my early teens. I’m a member of Finsbury badminton club in central London, and usually play 2-3 times a week. I'm learning to blog and working hard developing If you want to learn new badminton doubles tactics and techniques, or find the places on the internet for badminton bargains, then have a look at my site.
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